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A structured note is a good way of receiving higher returns in times when the interest rates are low.

It aims to provide capital growth or income whilst also offering full or partial protection of the original investment. Structured products should clearly state the risks involved and the potential rewards available assuming a specific set of investment objectives are achieved. Structured products usually have a specific term or period to maturity, eg 5 years, but recently open-ended structured funds have become available.

A structured product’s pre-packaged investment strategy can be linked to derivatives based on a single share, a basket of shares, options, indices, commodities, bonds or currencies. There is no single, uniform definition of what constitutes a structured product.

They are innovative and flexible investment products that suit a wide range of investors.

This facility is not suitable for all expatriates and we recommend that advice is sought before one makes any commitment. As an Independent Financial Adviser, we seek to ensure that our clients receive the advice suitable for their specific circumstances.

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