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Regulated Wealth management services in Spain.


Wealth Management Firms in SpainAt Blacktower Financial Management we have 30 years of experience in wealth management. We have access to the world's best managed funds and collective investment schemes. Our client's portfolio's are tailored to the individuals needs whether growth, income or a mixture of both are required. Our mission is to provide an exemplary and ethical service to our clients.

One of the most tax efficient ways of saving and investing if you are a Spanish resident is via a Spanish compliant portfolio bond. The bond is a platform for investments all of which comply with the Spanish rules and are protected in a 'tax wrapper'. The result is your investments can grow free of any tax (income or capital gains) whilst they remain within that 'wrapper'. This gives you the opportunity to defer any tax liabilities to a time of your choice (when you make withdrawals from the bond). In addition, when you decide to take income or lump sums from your portfolio you are granted proportional tax relief - a very tax efficient method of realising your gains. For example;

You invest €100,000 and after 5 years the pot is worth €150,000 therefore the capital is two thirds of the growth. You decide to withdraw €30,000 cash as income. Instead of all this sum being taxed at approximately 21% only one third is (as per the investment growth) i.e.€10,000. The tax payable would then be 21% X €10,000 which is €2,100 - the equivalent of 7% on your withdrawal overall.

There are also advantages in terms of Spanish inheritance tax (IHT) obligations. Firstly if the policy is held in joint names it is possible for 100% of it's value to be passed to a spouse upon first death without creating an IHT taxable event. Also other beneficiaries can negate Spanish inheritance tax in the right circumstances. From this platform we can access some of the best institutional funds with the very best asset and fund managers, normally only available on a corporate level.

We utilise the best fund houses in Europe often inaccessible to the individual investor. We also have funds exclusive to Blacktower run by award winning fund managers. All the funds we use are compliant with the Spanish tax authorities and are European regulated UCITS IV. Contact us for more information.

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