Avoid UK income tax on your pension

UK pension freedoms with regulated QROPS for Spanish residents

Paid gross in the currency of your choice

No UK inheritance tax on QROPS

Avoid UK taxes on death - leave 100% to loved ones with a QROPS

Favourable taxing of qrops income for residents of Spain

Much wider investment choice bespke to the individual

Potential to help prove non UK domicile

Bring all your pensions into one scheme

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QROPS in Spain - information and advice on UK pension transfers by Blacktower. Pension experts in Spain.



QROPS are international pension schemes designed to receive transfers from UK pensions. It stands for Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme. They emerged in April 2006 as a result of a UK government overhaul of the pension system. 'Qualifying' as they adhere to rules set down by HMRC in the UK and thus being 'recognised' by them. This is important as it allows a UK pension to be transferred to another (overseas) jurisdiction (country) without incurring any penalties and potentially freeing it from UK tax obligations. Although not everyone can take advantage of a QROPS transfer - for those that can the benefits can be considerable.

Following changes in the UK pension system this year we feel it is important to re-iterate the on going advantages of QROPS overseas pensions -

in particular for British expatriates who have left or about to leave the UK permanently. These are:


  • Pension Commencement Lump Sum of 30% of the fund - availability of full flexible drawdown (as per the UK) for residents of Spain

  • No tax on the fund upon death - pass on 100% to your loved ones (if you die after your 75th birthday with a UK pension the UK government could take a significant amount of tax before your spouse/family receives a penny).

  • Much greater investment freedom, including a choice of currencies

  • Removal of pension from the UK tax regime- Including the ever decreasing UK lifetime allowance currently at £1 Million

  • Income paid gross

  • Removal of assets from the UK may help in establishing a Domicile outside of the UK

At Blacktower Financial Management International we are experts in overseas pensions and offer initial advice free of charge to all new clients. Our qualified advisers live and work in Spain. We have excellent relationships with all the major pension trustees and are specialists in managing pension investments within a personal portfolio. We may also use the services of an independent pension actuary to give a pension transfer analysis (including critical yield if necessary) and cash transfer value for your peace of mind and our confirmation of suitability. For more information specific to your circumstances please contact us.



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