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What are Spanish Compliant Bonds?

Spanish compliant BondThe international portfolio bond is a traditional holding structure for investments such as collective investment schemes, unit trusts and funds. They are popular, in the main, due to the special tax treatment they attract (hence the common term `tax wrapper´). One has to be careful in Spain however as the authorities only give this preferential treatment to `Spanish Compliant Portfolio Bonds´. Such structures are generally provided by international insurance companies and written as unit linked, whole of life assurance contracts.

Through our relationships with these major offshore life companies we can access the best Spanish tax wrappers which in turn can hold a huge range of investment funds at rates unavailable to the individual investor in Spain. Taking into consideration your attitude to risk we undergo careful analysis of your personal requirements and subsequently offer independent advice on the asset allocation in your portfolio. Our solutions are designed to deliver tax efficient growth and/or income. Some of the key points to our services include; Non-discretionary Fund Advisor Services | Access to high quality discretionary fund management services | Professional advice on risk and asset allocation | Tax efficient wealth management planning | Access to Tax Compliant EU Investment Wrappers.

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