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As well established wealth managers we are used to assisting and guiding high net worth families with international financial affairs. Having experienced professionals managing your investments, pensions and tax mitigation has never been more important than in the current international climate where governments worldwide are colluding to make bilateral agreements designed to target the wealthy. No more so than here in Spain. So here is a brief look at our services and the issues we aim to address :

1) Protecting your assets against over taxation.

2) Protection and Growth of your wealth via compliant, tax efficient structures.

3) Generating income without capital erosion.

4) Estate Planning for all your family. Making sure assets pass down the generations according to the family wishes - with minimal impact from probate and taxation.

5) International pension advisory service including SIPP, QNUPS and QROPS plans.

5) Avoid UK pension lifetime allowance restrictions with QROPS. In the UK the allowance is being reduced step by step and is currently £1,030,000.

6) Solutions to the issue of wealth tax in Spain.

7) Private Banking and custodian facilities.

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We understand how important it is to protect your assets in order to ensure your own lifestyle as well as passing wealth on to your chosen beneficiaries.

Also, for residents of Spain with a UK heritage it's not only mitigating Spanish inheritance taxes that requires a plan in place. If you were born in the UK or your father was British - you are likely still deemed UK domiciled by the British Government - and that means your estate is liable to UK inheritance tax too - no matter where you are resident in the world! This is where the use of trusts can be imperative (even though they are not recognised in Spain) as assets in certain types of trust can remove them from your UK estate.

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